Sqaured Tangles - Work in Progress Photos

As I am drawing this piece, I am remembering my pregnancy and post delivery days.

I was first among my friends to get married, and soon after I was expecting. I was thrilled and happy with the news; had absolutely no fear of this life-changing experience because I wanted it so badly! I was very young and just didn't know anything about raising a small kid. Most people said, I was a "kid" myself!!!😁😆 But I was determined, that I will figure it out. And next nine months was the journey of loving and waiting for the Lord's amazing creation to happen through me and I wondered how, the body has its own intelligence to create a human kind in that little womb space! Mind-blowing!! And then after months of waiting, the little wonder turned into reality. Each day and night, I would love, eat, feed, finish my chores and back to love, feed, eat!  Along the way, I was figuring out on how to take care of the growing baby! I never realized that I was losing on sleep, days, weeks, months, again and again the same thing. I was excited that it is happening in Reality, in the Now!!!

This is exactly I am learning on this drawing. I am so enjoying as I am engaging in this process. As I go, I am figuring out tangles, new ways to keep it going.... Also, like I took care of my baby and toddler, today I am completing all my day chores, talk and speak funny with my kid, watch one tv show with hubby n her, put her to bed and finally sit with drawing! Days are passing by so quickly, and all I am focused is just on the next BIG TASK, and give my complete attention to it!!! #feelingaccomplished #zenfeeling