Revisit to the old pages

This blog is very purposeful, when last year around this time, I started to tangle on this inexpensive sheet of paper. It was quite a big size 24 x 16 inches(compared to my regular 4.5 inch tiles), but I was very ambitious to do a big piece of work and I started to tangle. I did not calculated the risk of time and patience that this piece shall need. And it really took a long while to finish it. After it laid for couple of months half done on my desk, I took a week off from all the other challenges, artwork and finished it. 

 I am not really very happy with the result (as I really couldnot do a lot of going back n forth with watercolors or pencils as the paper was not meant for this kind of treatment), but still I am happy that I finished it from start to end and also learnt a lot on the way! 

Hopefully this year too, I create many such Zentangle Inspired drawings.