Little Embedded Letter in Tangles


Off lately, I have been having very rough weeks, to an extent that it has been hard to squeeze in time for drawing and come out with new ideas. Most times, I mentally give notes to myself, but nothing gets done! Yet, I am pushing myself to try and keep up my rhythm, even if it challenges me to work in certain shift timings. 

 So just to pep up myself, I thought of challenging to try tangling using #EmbeddedLetters as a Technique. In my past, I have not been so very successful with this form. But today, I feel, I have nailed it rightly and this brought million smiles to me. 

I have, kind a strange relationship with Zentangle, as all these months, didn't realize that what I do here, is solely my journey and the world out has nothing to do with it.  So now, I have to spread my wings and discover more territories, and see if I can squeeze in (atleast for a while)!

To my new dawn!! ❤️🙏🏼


Initial used here are my sister's first and last name.