OFloat Tangle Pattern



This March 2019, I and my daughter took a week holiday to my parent’s home. I was looking forward to break-free from the daily routine and the recent crazy weeks of Kid’s final exams. My kid studies very well, and she is bright in all subjects, but then, its only the exam times they need to be in proper routine with good food, playtime and ample of rest time. And as a parent, I try my best here. Its only in such times, I generally lean to Zentangle for relaxation and the beautiful Zentangle Community helps in uplifting energy and spirit.

On my trip, I carried my favourite Zentangle stuffs, not too many, just the needful. I remembered my Canson Mi-Tientes Pastel Sheets lying in my cupboard, unopened. Since so long, I have been wanting to play on it, so I cut some 4-inch tile size of my assorted colors of the Canson Mi-Tientes. I am so glad I played with it.

So, the holiday’s spent at Mum place was great. Used to wake up a bit later in the morning, welcomed by hot-tea and lovely paranthas/poha for a breakfast. And then take bath, get freshened up, talk to mum and dad for a while and then carry my Zentile at some corner space of the house and simply draw till evening dusk time. And then when my dad and sister came home from their respective jobs, we as family, all five of us including Akshara (my 10-year-old daughter) would play few rounds of Rummy Card Game. This was so fun and relaxing, just as I wanted to.

So on one fine noon, while I was trying my new Tan Tile from the Canson Sheets, I was creative and trying to tangle from my memory when my new Tangle OFLOAT happened. I finished my tan tile and excitedly showed it to my mom and asked her what it resembles to, and in an instant, she said, that it looks like Oil Floating over water and we both agreed on how some patterns appear over our Indian Curries, when oil mixes with the water. So, that inspired me to keep this tangle named as OFloat for “Oil Float”.

Here’s the step-out and samples of the Tangle OFLOAT.

I hope you guys have some fun playing with it.


Ofloat Tangle Step-Out-TangleandInspire