Tradition and Zentangle


Yesterday night, my friend, on a phone conversation, mentioned about how he always start something with a Sri Ganesh. This reminded me of our age old Indian tradition of doing** a Sri Ganesh. Sri Ganesh, the Elephant Lord, is believed to possess powers to eradicate any obstacle that can happen in the completion of a task. We also pray to Lord Ganesha to give success and fulfillment for our on going task. This tradition is also followed by children, who write His Name on the top of the first page in the school notebooks by adding a initials/sign/chop (symbolic representation of His Name) or add His name in letters and some creative students will draw a Ganesha form, in this way all their anxieties about how to start the new syllabus and anxiety of the clean, smooth pages of notebook, simply goes away!

Keeping this Indian tradition in my mind, I too decided to do a Sri Ganesha of my newly found Handmade Journal, that I bought few days back. After adding His Chop on the top of the page, I drew the fun Dingsplatz style of Zentangle in the front page of the book. With this, tradition, I allowed the anxiety of 'what to do next' to be removed and let my spirit guide , help me in my next set of tasks.

My Insight:

Zentangle is a beautiful ceremony and tradition. It acts like sugar - melts and mixes into anything it dissolves.

doing/do** - an act of prayer/ritual to invite God