Zentangle on Khadi Cotton Paper


So today I picked up a tile that I did about 10 days ago. I don't have a before picture, and that is something I often forget to do. So after adding light watercolour wash to the tile, I had tangled and kept it aside. Now, the he more I looked at it, I felt that it needed something more! So then after a heart-full cooking, I sat over my desk (sacredspace), and took out my favourite Derwent Inktense Pencils, Tombow Twintone pens, and slowly started building up layer after layer on the previously watercolour wash and ink. I used my trusted penteel aquabrush for the spread of colours. The process of watering down the pigment was so fun to look at. All thanks to the beautiful 100% Cotton Khadi Paper, that takes down watercolor so beautifully. This is a sample piece out of a large sheet of paper.

The cons I may say (though it is not con really), is that it is a bit difficult to draw using micron pen. I mean, since the paper is a watercolor paper, its heavily textured, so inking on it was not so easy. I also realized that graphite shading too would not work great (since it can spread in an uncontrolled manner). But, I still may wanna give this piece of Khadi paper a go as it was fun to paint with watercolors. The vibrance is very vividly noticeable. I finished painting the tile by 3pm and I went for lunch. Also grateful to the beautiful cloudy Delhi City, that the picture came wonderful.

Overall, my experience was good. I went slow in the process and took needed break, to really enjoyed tangling on this piece. I exceptionally enjoyed the zen feel, while playing with water soluble pencils.

As of now, I have not prepared for this class, but if interested, and I get a good amount of request to understand the concept, I can work it out for you!

Till then, Happy Tangling