Ruins to Fun Tangling

In 2018 for nearly few weeks, I had been revisiting those half done tiles and ruined pages of the prettiest sketchbook. One of the more distinctive ruined page was done at the end of 2017, and I was trying to draw Zentangle on a Christmas string. And it did not come out as desired! Thus left it so, until this day of 2018!


Before ruined page from the sketchbook!    

Before ruined page from the sketchbook! 


The After, curated drawing!  

The After, curated drawing!  

So you can see how the Christmas tree string gave me an option to create this fun house, with dingbatz styled Zentangle train (with Thomas engine) and leaving its tangled filled smoke in the air! It nearly expressed the excitement I was holding to in the moment. 

Winter Special Tile

Winter is here! :-D

So remind your loved ones to wear there overcoats whenever they step-out of home! :-D

And you can get very creative with your zentangle tiles. Like the one I did. I made my Zentile wear its Winter Jacket, to keep it safe and warm from the cold winds that blow all day. I am very inspired by Christmas colours this month. :)

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Happy Tangling!