Holi Fun

This year in Holi, I just gave a twist to one of my Tangle Pattern AkiChain. I kept this name after my daughter's Akshara, as we both accidentally hopped on this pattern while trying out some other design. When I think of Tangle, I see it more like a fun than some pattern or design, so all my patterns have some fun to it! And ofcourse, repetitive strokes turn the tangle into a pattern.



Travel Companion


In October 2018, I traveled solo to Providence, Rhode Island for my Zentangle Teacher Training Seminar. It was a memorable experience thoughout the seminar and thereafter I met very old friends. The tour was filled with lots of emotional and happy moments and all had ended when I took my final flight from Atlanta to Delhi on 20th November, 2018. The last adieu with my bestie, the moist eyes and loving last hugs we shared at the airport; was still so rich in my heart and mind. I was feeling very grateful for this trip to happen and I was not able to move back to sleep. This Zentile turned into my travel companion! Zentangle is a journal companion when you have no people around, you make friends and shake-hand with yourself! <3