Aishwarya Darbha is Certified Zentangle Teacher, and face behind Tangle and Inspire. My journey with Zentangle(TM) started in late 2015. From the very minute, I tangled, I knew it would be very hard to resist myself. I felt this was my Higher Call and I am chosen to add something valuable to myself and many others along this path. Zentangle also fitted with my past background. My first encounter with painting (at age 4 or 5), that I remember, when I saw my mother oil-painting Lord Ganesha on a canvas. And then at age seven, I told her, that I have three wishes in my life – that I would be an artist or serve as nurse or become monk. Just as I said, life shifted in different ways, that I got opportunity to serve as monk and years later when Zentangle happened, I knew I was fulfilling my childhood desire as an artist. Now, I am a wife and a mother, living a very normal life with my husband.

As a Zentangle Artist, I practice my art as a part of my daily routine, spending many hours of creating beautiful abstract art following Zentangle(TM) Method. I believe there is no end in learning this form of art, since each abstract drawing is different from the other, and one can never be able to create an identical art.

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