Zentangle Zentile 43

So today, being friday, my CZT Sandhya Manne, posted string for Zentangle Weekly Inspiration sets, so that we can practice on it for next week. I feel, everyone at Zentangle India Facebook Group wait for friday to arrive, to challenge ourselves.

So my day started late. And the rest of the day just floated - doing chores, playing with my daughter, a doc visit, a relative visit and again came back home and plan a study schedule for my daughter (which was rewarding, especially after the couple of tough days with her, in making her do lesson). Just when I thought, I won't find time to do zentangle, I saw her studying on her own steadily and I pulled out my Zentile and started to work on it. I brought my small Zentangle kit (will share what does the kit compromises in my upcoming posts) to the living room, where she was completing her assignments and carefully began to draw. She was thrilled that  with busy listening and talking to her.

This was a total fun! I goofed up some tangles, yet they all come together beautifully. Feels to me, that today, it is reflecting my love for art and love. Just like the goofs/errors are a part of our life, that we cannot minus from the day, yet we do not give up our effort, to go and see further, what is next in for us. We continue to breathe, drink water, eat, work, play and eventually smile, even when we face a very challenging situation. We are committed to believe in the unfathomed faith within. :)

Thank you Lord for making this day so beautiful and bringing out the best in me here.