My personal Tangle Pattern Step-Outs Collections

And so the day has started pleasantly. I made the list of the things I need to take care for this week for my home-assignments and for my artwork. So I have started with my personal Tangle Pattern Step-Out Collections, on a wonderful Fabriano EcoQua - 100% Natura A4 size/85gsm gridbook. It has 40 pages only, so have to really chose what patterns to add in. I already have pdf copy of tangle patterns from but they do not include step-outs. But the best part is, they have included links of the patterns that directs us to the original sites of artists who have created the tangles.

I will review the book later, since I have to still use my Microns on them. I am still patiently drawing the step-out boxes. I am presently enjoying the feel of the non-slippery, not so hard cover and the smoothness of the acid-free papers. And above all I got them at a great discount at Amazon this month.