Something old, something new! Tea Coasters

I am very happy to share that past 7 months, relentlessly, daily, I have been practicing zentangle artwork. I spend close to 5 hours in a day, which includes, practicing tangles, reading any related article, watch videos, watch other people's artwork too or update my own Tangle pattern book. Today with the unconditional support from my husband and child, I could take out time and made my first Zentangle Inspired Corkboard Tea Coasters.
As promised to my daughter, the first tea coaster will be a gift to her. And I am glad, she liked it so much and I someway made her feel special. Its very nice to watch kids, express, their happiness slowly and fully (because there is not much of programmed-behaviour of expressing their joy). They listen to their natural instincts, unlike adults. :)

I would like to let everyone know that, I am trying to sell my artwork, not just for monetary gains but also help myself to continue my art-drawings, and be able to afford my art tools. So, if you have liked my artworks, and want to support, you can pre order Zentangle Inspired Designed Handmade Corkboard Tea Coasters here! 
Thank you all for all your inspirations and motivational messages, comments, on my Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and other networking apps. 
Aishwarya Bharadwaj Darbha
P.S. Note: Zentangle Inspired Designed Corkboard Tea Coasters are made available on order/request. Please leave a message at my personal email id as of now. - adarbha 20 at gmail dotcom.