Review of the Year 2016

Year 2016 has been so much rewarding at personal/spiritual/emotional level, with little bit of health glitches and few holes in the pocket. But what I most love about the year is, my love and habitual practice of this beautiful meditative art form of Zentangle. Never knew drawing could be so easy and so fun. It is giving me immense joy, happiness to share that in Year 2016, I completed over 200 artworks on a Zentangle Practice tiles and other platforms i.e. 600 hours of dedicated, focused, intuitive, creative, activity. The results are too personal to share here, yet very much progressive in all spheres of life. It is like Zentangle is my new baby; #mysacredspace, that has happened to me for reasons I don't fully understand. Still I make an effort to walk through, making each day very fulfilling.img_20170111_031632-02