Valentangle 2017 

For the month of Love 😍 Its been ages since I had an excitement about Valentine's Day/Month♥. In my childhood I loved this month because of the pleasant weather. It was after the chill winter, I once again enjoyed listening to the birds chirping on the tree, near my room window, hopping and playing. But then the teens happened, and Archie and Hallmark cards came up with this seasonal love 😍 cards, and I have to agree 👍 that I hoped, someday I would be glad to receive a Rose or a meaningful love messages on a card. 

I have fond memories of my teens and more, and I used to hang around with my bestie, and we would just celebrate with a simple sandwich and ice-cream. She and I never missed the opportunity to have our little fun. 💟

Few more loving and beautiful moments are around this month, one that includes my husband, then a friend officially proposed to me during this Valentine Month and we got committed. And exactly a year later, my wedding date also got planned in the Valentine Month.