Zentile 20 March 2017 

This was a beautiful theory my CZT (Certified Zentangle© Teacher) shared it with us - that whatever activity we take up, we should do it daily in in order to sustain,  improve and even excel. Be it, eating, sleeping, exercise,  reading, or any activity in life, that we realize is important to us.  When I started to draw this abstract art, this was the exact idea in mind too. It was so hard to even get one stroke of line straight or curve. I felt so embarrassed, struggled, and thought when will I actually make it to somewhere (like now). But I had faith in "The Zen", in "Zentangle". And this Zen is what makes Zentangle, an alternative to any art for and can be only learnt by the experienced teachers who teach over the course of time. 

This was a fun tile. 😊 As many tangles came together, was looking very busy. Then my daughter suggested me to use some bright colours here n there, and it really worked well for me. I completed the tile listening to my 84 year old granny's love story, on how it all began 70 years back. She would repetitively read the letters from those days atleast once in fortnight. 💝💝💝💝 wp-image-2134378505jpg.jpg