Aki Chain

Yes, I named the tangle very different, because this tangle holds a special emotion and each time I draw this pattern, it reminds me of that beautiful evening. So that day, like any common evening, I was just with my hardbound journal page trying to figure out a pattern (my first pattern Hoopla-glee) in my mind, and I was scribbling here and there, to come up with a simple step out. That's when my seven year old daughter entered the room, and we discussed about it. She said she has an idea and asked me my book, so I handed over and went on to some other stuff. She drew something and with an excitement in her voice, she shouted- "Mom, I am done." Saying this, she rushed back to her game. I peeped into what she drew and I found this second lovely tangle pattern - very simple and but beautiful. I immediately made a note of the step-out before it erased from my mind. And decided to work on it after I finished with my Hoopla-Glee pattern. So it is our collaborative effort, and I am so inspired, that I named the tangle as Aki-Chain after my daughter's name Akshara.

This one's is Akshara's scribble of the pattern.

akshara drawing aki chain

So after my first pattern Hoopla-Glee got done, I came up with the step out here:


As I was playing with the step-outs, came up with the three variations of Aki-Chain. The top left has chain in more like an egg shape, close together. The centre Aki-Chain has an aura, with some elements of interests. And lastly, the Aki-Chain on the right down has many auras within and I have darken and the thicken the aura outside the tangle and just filled it up with Paizel like patterns.

Aki Chain

Aki-Chain also appeared with this whimsical version of my first pattern, Hoopla-Glee. :-D

Hoopla-Glee with Aki Chain

Aki-Chain as in Ribbon, following a string.

Aki Chain Pattern

This one is my favourite; Aki-Chain in Zendala with Verve and Phicops.Aki Chain in Zendala Border

Last week, this whimsical caterpillar friend Ka, a version of Aki-Chain appeared on my journal. Only this time my friend Ka (Aki-Chain) is holding onto his precious gems, thinking he can keep them with him forever, not ready to let go. But less he knows that, letting it go is Freedom...

aki chain as Ka

Hope you guys had fun reading this blog post. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback on this post and if you are going ahead and trying out Aki--Chain, do leave your blog links below in the comment section. I would love to see your own special artworks :)

Thank you very much

Happy Tangling!