Tranzending Technique in Zentangle

Rick and Maria had posted their posts on their new Zentangle technique called Tranzending on the Zentangle Mosaic App. I was very curious about it and read Maria's post over 10 times to understand and assimilate it. I even tried to watch other CZTs take on tranzending. Finally after a few failed attempts (failed attempts came out exotic; but just not tranzending) I came up with my own kind of tranzending. This was my first attempt on Tranzending, on my Fabriano Quadrato Journal. I used Huggins and Ellish as tranzend.


This was my second attempt on Tranzending, using my imagination on how tranzending can look like: Tangles used Spoken and Aquafleur


This was on a Traveling Tangle Tile T3 of the Facebook Group Zentangle India. We exchanged our half done tiles and allow the other to complete the rest of it, in their own way. Its fun stuff to play. She is a wonderful artist and you can visit her Instagram page here


A week back, when I was looking for some inspiration, this tile traveling tile inspired me. Vandana Krishna is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) from Bangalore, who also takes teaches Zentangle started with the centre tangle ing thereafter I added auroknot-bunzo and hemp and some tranzending of lines.


Zentangle HQ has recently come out with their new KTT Video, to know more on this new Tranzending Technique, you can watch this video. To know more on Zentangle Method, Martha Stewart has recently published a content on it. Check out her link.