Forpe Tangle Pattern

How did I stumble upon Forpe?

I was looking for some artbreak, after hours of sitting and completing my traveling tangle swap tiles. But I couldn't sleep, I was probably creatively awake (came up with my own term), and when such times hit, I usually take any rough side of a sheet or a notepad, and start to tangle. I started with Zentangle Elemental Strokes such as curve line as in 'C'and or an orb 'O'. After some scribbles of strokes and orbs, forpe which has celtic feel just happened. I then googled on the internet, and forpe looked much like a Quaternary Celtic Knot with four corners. The celtic knots have certain meanings to them, and there are legends saying that the four cornered celtic knots was created as a symbol of protection.

After understanding the beautiful meaning of the celtic knots, I realized that I did not accidentally came across this symbolic tangle. The Higher Presence/God had a bit of message to me and I am so grateful to witness His Presence every now and then.

I continued to tangle again and again, trying to find any easy way to step-out the pattern, keeping Zentangle elemental strokes in mind. As I was enthusiastically drawing Forpe on my desk, my daughter Akshara, peeked into it, and mentioned that the tangles looked like petals. And it was her suggestion to keep the Tangle Name as Forpe ('For' as in Four and 'Pe' as in Petals). I often take her suggestion in mind, as their curious minds and raw mind see patterns and art differently.

So this is how I created Forpe. I start with 4 Orbs placed at each side north,south, east and west. This kind of Forpe creates Four Petal like shape. You can close the ends or keep it opened as you like.

Some of my Forpe are here:

This is Forpe starting with 4 orbs:



Here's the Step Out:

So now, instead of playing with 4 just orbs, I added 4 more orbs after the initial Forpe is created and did it in the hollibaugh fashion.


Well, I wrote the tips in my journal, as how I did it. But I can understand that some of us will find it hard to read it, so, I will note it down here.


I created Forpe, using the new Zentangle Technique Tranzending. I have created a blogpost on my whole experiment on Tranzending. Do take time and visit the blog and let me know in comments your feedbacks. So back to this one; it was a Traveling Tile (swap tile) with Aishwarya Devi Suraj, another amazing tangler from Southern India. She does all kind of drawings, sketching and paintings other than tangling. If you want to see her works and know about her, you can visit and follow her on Instagram :



So if you are excited to use Forpe Tangle form, here are some tips and tricks you would like to keep in mind. I hope I don't sound boring and technical. I believe Zentangle Method of tangling is for relaxation and just fun. So just play around as much as you want to.

Tips and Tricks are:

  • Creating orbs in pairs makes it look more symmetrical in fashion, but if you want to experiment you can go ahead. I would love to see what you may come up.
  • Can create as many orbs and discs you want to but just see to that it knots at the end.

Recently, after many requests on facebook, I thought I come up with my own video on the How To Tangle Forpe. I have posted it on my youtube channel.

Check this link:

How to draw Tangle Forpe

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Coming month, as its INKOCTOBER, an initiative started by Jake Parker to celebrate annual celebration of inkdrawings. So artists from all over the world take up the challenge to create 31 arts 31 days, and this time, I thought of taking up this challenge for Inkoctober Tangles 2017. This challenge reminds me of how everyday creating small or big artwork has improved my own drawings. I think, I will write an article about this little initiative.

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Happy Tangling!