Inktober Tangles 2017

Here begins the InktoberTangles2017! A way to create inkarts and drawings whole of the month. This is my first year of such a challenge, and I am using Stephanie's Chart of Tangles. Today is my fifth day, and I have worked in more than 10 tiles. There are too many things going on, in my desk. Though, Zentangle is supposedly be done for fun and relaxation, but instead I have challenged myself a bit too much! Phew, crazy me... I very well know, some of the challenges I might have to drop, but till then, I wanna have fun playing with pen, paper and colors.

#InktoberTangles2017 Day01 Using #Bunzo

#Inktober2017 Day2 using Dicso with the official theme Divided.

InktoberTangles2017 Day3 using #feelingknotty but hearty here

#inktobertangles2017 Day4 using. Divadance. This is just the lineart, will complete the whole piece later.

#inktobertangles2017 Day05 using #marasu. #crazynzeppel, #printemps #florz #akoya