1st Day of Zen Gem & Zentangle

Two 9 year old kids in a private class, had fun learning and practicing #ZenGem. It was a two hour class of 4 hours. In the next class we are going to learn creating #ZenGem with some new tangles. 20180225_132512

To know more about ZenGem and Zentangle, book a private Skype class - Email me at tangleandinspire@gmail.com

Disclaimer : I am not a Certified Zentangle Teacher, nor have undertaken any specific training. But I aspire one to be. I practice Zentangle(R) daily and continue to take many advanced lessons.

To know more about Zentangle(R) and Zentangle Method or to find a Certified Zentangle Teacher((TM), please log on to http://www.zentangle.com