Winter Carnival 2017

I would not have known myself so well, if my 8 year old daughter would not have all gaga over what I do whole day at home. Yeah, its Zentangle - the littlest tiles lying on my desks, drawers, shelves, kitchen, on the coffee table, everywhere. I draw little by little everywhere I walk around and then once in a week bring all those tiles in one place and try to attach them to the ring binders. 😃 So on Sunday  Dec 17, 2017 we, as family, had visited to Winter Carnival Festival 2017, at my daughter's school. The arrangement was done very beautiful. The stage was set up for kids to perform solo and group cultural dance and music performances. On other side, kids and young children participated in the Art and Craft competition, for whom I was invited as judge to choose The Best Three!!! Truly speaking, when I see each kid's drawing, I feel each one deserves to be given an award, for their enthusiasm and eagerness to participate into the competition. But just not by acknowledging them, we are killing their hopes and spirits, and very slowly their spirit to DREAM dies and Fear of Failures takes over.... So to parents (including me) of these kids, we should help our kids to be able to dream, even if they are not able to win the prizes. We should be capable enough to teach them that no one can interfere with their dream!!!

So while the kids were busy drawing and on the other side cultural activities were going on, I got a snippet of  short time to tangle my little tile, over my lap. I always try and carry a pen and few tiles just to keep me company. I went home and completed my shading.




Print Tangles on a tile

Each drawing has its own story. Sometimes it reflects the artist's thoughts and feelings at that point of time but many other times, your own emotions get reflected, while you get tuned to it. That's why, I realised that how important is to appreciate any artwork like my own work, and give our critic self some rest. Yesterday I was watching @RickRoberts drawing #crescentmoon and I noticed how slowly he moves the pen, trying his very best to keep the line symmetrical. I was so impressed by the slowing down in his tangling.

Today, while everyone at home were taking their noon nap, I was seated in the living room on my sofa, enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing from the window behind me. I began to remember, the beautiful ocean, here on the east side of my city, located just a mile away. And then I remembered yesterday #ktt video and the relaxed #crescentmoon. So that's what inspired me to do this tile. I went slow with each stroke, and I realised how much I was appreciating my time to draw. 

#crescentmoon #fife #Reticulated #printemps with ghost 👻 tangles