DailyZen 01

So now I am so excited, I revamped my site, add more additional menus and better categories to understand the kind of artworks I do. I have still to do quite a lot of updates, since most menu page has nothing to display yet. In course of this month I shall do all that too. So for today, I post my recent drawing from my strathmore sketchbook...

Tangles in Mandala


These are some of the project tiles I created in the month of Dec 2017. These photos really got hidden somewhere, and I am glad that I could find it today so that I can show you some of my previous works. If you want to know more about Zentangle(R) artforms or if you are interested to learn and enhance your creativity, you can surely email me at tangleandinspireATgmailDotCom.

P.S. - Private/Skype session can be arranged upon request.

You can also visit Zentangle.com and find the list of all the Official Zentangle Certified Teachers and find them in your own city/state.









Zen Coasters 

So that night, a friend of mine asked me to make 4 handmade Zen Coasters for his colleague who was leaving town.  It was an urgent thing, and I had only 24 hours to do. So the next day, I sat through for 10 hours and completed the order. As much as it was exciting, it was stressful too, for I actively worked on the  'color' Zen Coaster for straight 6 hours, sipping water from the bottle nearby.