Tangle and Inspire aspires to conduct workshops for individual, group and corporate workshops all across India. It is keen in spreading the Zentangle form of Meditative Art, that has a therapeutic effect on individuals across globe. 


T&I is also looking forward to connect with NGO's, Hospitals, and other bodies of society who are working for betterment of individuals and group. If you have any query of such sort, please connect with us at


Tangle and Inspire Beginner Workshop (Duration 3 Hours)

Learn the basics of Zentangle Artform  in the Tangle and Inspire's Beginner Workshop which includes the introduction to:

  • 8 Steps Basic Steps to the Zentangle Method

  • Hands On experience of the Official Zentangle Tools and Supplies

  • Understanding how Zentangle is helpful to both as Beginner and Advanced Artists

Other benefits of Zentangle Practice are:

  • increased sense of confidence and focus in your creative field or any life challenges

  • provides an increase sense of accomplishments

  • it is designed to relieve anyone who is suffering with anxiety, stress, grief,pain, etc in few minutes of engaging experience with Zentangle

  • provides therapeutic experience and artistic satisfaction to the individuals

Beginners  Group Class Fee : Rs 2000/- ( it includes all art supplies). Beverages and snacks are provided.

Booking a Private or Online Class - Rs 2200 + shipping (all art supplies will be shipped at your location within India or other countries)

To book a session

Email me at or call me at +918754555490


Enhancer Workshop (Advanced Lessons)(Duration – 3 Hours)

Interested participants will learn in depth knowledge, understanding in using the various tools and techniques to enhance their Zentangle Drawings. There are many creative lessons and so each class/workshop will differ from the other.

Pl Note:

For an Enhancer Workshop, participant should have compulsorily attended a Beginner’s Class with me!

Enhancer Workshop Fees : Rs 1700 (Group Session 2 or more)

( Students can bring their art supplies with them). Beverages like tea/coffee, and a snack will be provided.

For Private/Online Session: Fees Rs.2000

To book a session:-

Email me at or call me at +918754555490

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