My name is Aishwarya Darbha. I live in New Delhi, India. I am a Stay AT Home Mum, a Certified Zentangle Teacher and also an Artist in Making. I presently work from my home studio and daily practice this New Age Meditative Zentangle(TM) Artform to find purpose, joy and artistic satisfaction.

Zentangle(TM), is a relaxed way to create beautiful abstract artform. I am a qualified Zentangle Teacher, who has undertaken personal training under the direct Zentangle(TM) Art founders Maria Thomas & RickRoberts.

I conduct regular classes and plan to conduct future group workshops introducing this beautiful Zentangle(TM) Artform in and around Delhi.

  • Have you always wanted to create beautiful art for yourself?

  • Want to know more about Zentangle(TM)?

Feel free to email me at cztaishATtangleandinspireDOTcom or fill up the contact form.

No Prior Art Experience is required!!!

If you can write a name, you can draw a Zentangle!

~Zentangle (TM)

I undertake commission work upon request. For further queries, please send an email to

Upcoming Workshops!