Art Journal Pages 01 WIP

I have started to tangle and paint on this versatile Indian Handmade Hotpressed 100%cotton sketchbook by FurryTails (check them on Instagram). 

I make no set of plan for my Zentangle, though very often, artists say that plan your drawings, colours, subject, etc. But Zentangle eliminates all major decisions, plannings, etc. It sets one to the freedom of painting and tangling out of his individual intuition.  

 I shall explain the whole process of how this piece started building up once I complete my work here. Posting picture of the work-in-progress... 


OFloat Tangle Pattern

I finished my tan tile and excitedly showed it to my mom and asked her what it resembles to, and in an instant, she said, that it looks like Oil Floating over water and we both agreed on how some patterns appear over our Indian Curries, when oil mixes with the water. So, that inspired me to keep this tangle named as OFloat for “Oil Float”.

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Zentangle T3

Some Tuesdays of the month, we tanglers from India, post our half-done tiles in the Zentangle India Facebook Group, so that others could pick and chose for SWAP. Then, we physically post our Zentiles to each other, and when, we are inspired, we complete it and post the finished piece in the group. 

This Tuesday, today, I posted my 3 Tiles for the pick. Here's how it goes -  



Now I am anxiously waiting for how everyone shall add the magic!🥰

Holi Fun

This year in Holi, I just gave a twist to one of my Tangle Pattern AkiChain. I kept this name after my daughter's Akshara, as we both accidentally hopped on this pattern while trying out some other design. When I think of Tangle, I see it more like a fun than some pattern or design, so all my patterns have some fun to it! And ofcourse, repetitive strokes turn the tangle into a pattern.



Kids Beginner's Zentangle Class

Its 5.40am here in India, and I just finished my very first pilot Online Zentangle® class for a 6 year old living in PA. She so enthusiastically participated in the one hour long session. Here's her finished piece! 


To book an online workshop with me for, you can email me at or call me at my provided number on the Contact Page! 

#ifyoucanWriteyourName, you can draw a Zentangle! 😍 


New WaterColour Journal

Few days ago, I purchased new watercolour journal from FurryTails suggested by my dear friend VandanaKrishna -my tangler friend and also a Certified Zentangle Teacher from Bangalore. FurryTails are mumbai based company, creating handmade 100% cotton sketchbook journals. They have couple of variety both in landscape and portrait. If you are interested, you can check their Instagram Page and order one for yourself.

So this one that I have is a 300 gsm ColdPress Watercolour Journal. I generally like to do Zentangle Inspired Art, which involves inking with micron pens, which I realized is not so easy to do on the paper. So now I am thinking of doing line-art with watercolor pencil or color pencil . I have been experimenting to add watercolours from the palette that I recently bought Mungyo Professional 12HalfPan set from Korea, using the traditional watercolour synthetic brushes.

So here are my first two pages -