Tangle and Inspire

Tangle and Inspire


Zengem, ZentangleAishwarya DarbhaComment

I have been always wanting to experiment into this technique. So without further waiting for the mastery over this piece, I just used my #fabercastellpolychromos to create this effect. After it was done, I loved it so much that I want to experiment with a bigger piece like this. 

 Let me know in the comment section, if you really liked this piece and want to see more of it. 


My beginning 


My finished one! 

Little Embedded Letter in Tangles

Advance Style in Zenta...Aishwarya DarbhaComment

Off lately, I have been having very rough weeks, to an extent that it has been hard to squeeze in time for drawing and come out with new ideas. Most times, I mentally give notes to myself, but nothing gets done! Yet, I am pushing myself to try and keep up my rhythm, even if it challenges me to work in certain shift timings. 

 So just to pep up myself, I thought of challenging to try tangling using #EmbeddedLetters as a Technique. In my past, I have not been so very successful with this form. But today, I feel, I have nailed it rightly and this brought million smiles to me. 

I have, kind a strange relationship with Zentangle, as all these months, didn't realize that what I do here, is solely my journey and the world out has nothing to do with it.  So now, I have to spread my wings and discover more territories, and see if I can squeeze in (atleast for a while)!

To my new dawn!! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


Initial used here are my sister's first and last name.


"Tangles In Mandala" Zendalas Project01

ZendalaAishwarya DarbhaComment

Recently, I took up a little project for myself. I wanted to Tangle in a different dimension and style, keeping Zentangle Method in mind - that says "No need of planning".  So with minimum help of strings, I started tangling on the Round Zendala Tiles. I have sent few of these tiles to San Diego through my husband. Hoping to receive some happy feedback from the receivers. :)

Each of these pieces are Archival Quality, OriginalArt and Handmade

Size: 4.5 Diameter