Weekly Inspiration for Zentangle India


In the month of August 2019, I will be sending out two String Prompts for the Zentangle India Community. For the first timers here, who do not understand the string component - String is something we draw with pencil on the Zentile(R), that divides the tile into the sections as we want to tangle and not tangle. The whole point is to have fun and enjoy the intuitive process of tangling.


OFloat Tangle Pattern

I finished my tan tile and excitedly showed it to my mom and asked her what it resembles to, and in an instant, she said, that it looks like Oil Floating over water and we both agreed on how some patterns appear over our Indian Curries, when oil mixes with the water. So, that inspired me to keep this tangle named as OFloat for “Oil Float”.

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Travel Companion


In October 2018, I traveled solo to Providence, Rhode Island for my Zentangle Teacher Training Seminar. It was a memorable experience thoughout the seminar and thereafter I met very old friends. The tour was filled with lots of emotional and happy moments and all had ended when I took my final flight from Atlanta to Delhi on 20th November, 2018. The last adieu with my bestie, the moist eyes and loving last hugs we shared at the airport; was still so rich in my heart and mind. I was feeling very grateful for this trip to happen and I was not able to move back to sleep. This Zentile turned into my travel companion! Zentangle is a journal companion when you have no people around, you make friends and shake-hand with yourself! <3